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07. Hydra repository as a platform for text corpus analysis and aid to the process of dictionary compilation

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《中文教学现代化学报》期刊 第十一期


Yanrong Qi, Zhongda Zhang


University of Oklahoma, 诺曼市, Oklahoma, 73019, 美利坚合众国


yqi@ou.edu; zhongda@ou.edu


Hydra is an open-source digital repository software product primarily used in libraries and digital repositories. It is aimed to provide a platform for data storage, data management and data acquisition. However, the wide variety of different components within Hydra make it useful beyond its original aim, including storage of research data and other non-traditional library data. Hydra is a composite of Fedora Commons, Solr and other components. Fedora supports a wide range of object formats and metadata describing these objects in several common metadata standards, including Dublin Core, EAD, and MODS. It can effectively and permanently store data. Solr plays a key role in allowing a fast way to access data, making rapid retrieval of large-scale data possible. Our project has two aims: 1) Using a customized version of the Hydra software to provide access to text corpus and various statistical methods to study them; 2) Provide a dictionary compilation based on research results.


Hydra, digital repository, text corpus, dictionary compilation, open-source & Solr

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