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03. Computer Input of Non-ASCII Non-Hanzi Chinese Characters

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《中文教学现代化学报》期刊 第二期


Zhang, Xiaoheng


Department of Chinese & Bilingual Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 100872




Non-ASCII non-Hanzi Chinese characters, such as Chinese-only punctuation marks, writing strokes, radicals and Pinyin letters with marks of tones, are frequently used in language teaching and learning. The present paper introduces existing methods to input these characters on a computer, and points out their limitations, which include (a) the input of some characters is poorly supported, (b) different types of characters are supported by different tools, (c) some methods do not have a complete coverage of their target character sets. In the later part of the paper, we discuss the design of an integrated method to input all non-ASCII and non-Hanzi Chinese characters in a common environment. The new method can be implemented either as an extension to the autocorrecting function of MS Office or as an independent input tool on MS Windows or the WWW. The basic ideas may also be applicable to input non-ASCII characters in languages other than Chinese. At the end of the paper, there is a list of 280 non-ASCII non-Hanzi Chinese characters collected from Windows 7 and the WWW, each annotated with its Unicode and the input code of our design.


Non-ASCII Non-Hanzi Chinese Characters, Pinyin letters, punctuation marks, Hanzi strokes, radicals

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